U-600 Memory Programmed/Multi-Channel Underpinner V-Nailer Machine

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The AMP U-600 Multi-channel Underpinner (Backnailer) machine is the most advanced underpinner vnailer joining machine in the Millwork industry. The user friendly touch-screen PC operation (Linux control Touch- Screen) offers enough data storage for all of your door casing profiles. The 5 channels offers stacking as well as inserting of sizes 5,7,10,12, and 15 mm Vnails into your mitered joints. This machine uses few vnails while also creating a stronger joint. The U-600 handles all types of wood, plastic, and MDF materials. AMP’s Computerized Air Pressure System (C.A.P.S.) is the latest operating feature for its U-600 Underpinner offering the following benefits to any production based joining operation. This new feature provides the following benefits…
  • Eliminates the need of making manual air pressure adjustments for Vertical Clamping
  • Mechanism
  • Maximizes production efficiently with pre-set clamping pressures
  • Eliminates moulding material damage by controlled vertical clamping pressure
  • “Soft” vertical clamping option reduces the chance of moulding surface damage with very soft materials or surfaces

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Unique Performance Features

  • Equipped with five individual V-Nail storing channels capable of holding up to 220 V-Nails each
  • V-Channels can store multiple sizes or one common size for production uptime and productivity
  • Easy table tilt adjustment for operator comfort
  • User friendly touch-screen P.C. operation with data storage for 5,000 frame profiles
  • Bar Code Scanner option for production integration and efficiency
  • Join either from front or back of machine
  • Machine handles all types of wood, plastics and MDF materials
  • Equipped with double hydraulic pressure clamp

Frame Joining Capabilities

  • Moulding Width (min to max) ¼” up to 4 ¼” (6-105 mm)
  • Moulding Height (min to max) ¼” up to 3 ¼” (6-80 mm)
  • Max Distance Between V-Nails (stroke) 5 ¾” (145 mm)
  • Pre-set V-Nail Position Stops Multiple
  • V-Nail Sizes 5, 7,10,12,15 mm (SW-HW-HDF)
  • Configurable V-Nail Channel Capacity Adaptable to single size or multiple V-Nail mm sizes 5 individual channels – 220 V-Nails/channel
  • Machine Dimensions & Weight Length: 30.5” (770mm) Width: 30.5” (770mm) Height: 59” (1500mm) Weight: 309 lbs (140kg)
  • Power Requirements 115/220 Volt 50/60 Hz. Compressed Air 4NI at 5 Bar CE Compliant

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