REBUILT Mitre-Mite® Single Channel Underpinner V-Nailer (Backnailer)

VN4 MPU Machine

We Provide Delivery, Installation & Training for Machine Packages with Machine Purchase

Mitre-Mite TM VN 4 + MP (Memory Program) Back NailerAsk About These Rebuilt Machines

These machines are factory refurbished. The Mitre-Mite VN4 MPU Underpinner V-Nailer offers memory program capability which allows profile data to be stored so that changeovers are fast and precise. Just “bring up” the new profile. This machine automatically adjusts and production can restart immediately! The VN4 MPU is capable of placing one to nine V-Nails per location in up to ten different positions which provides consistent results in strength and quality of the finished joints.

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Rapid Casing Assembly & Set-Up

  • Now you can “Name” your profiles…..up to 250 and up to 10 nail locations per set-up.
  • Our new VN4 + MP machine may soon be the standard “VEE” nailing system for door casing assembly because of the improved set-up procedure, servo drive positioning of the nail head and the patented curved “pulling power” nails.
  • Our “bottom nailer” is the heaviest, fastest machine of this type in the industry today.

Our price includes delivery, installation and training of your operators in English, Spanish or French. The building of assembly tables and fixtures as well as a startup assortment of V nails is included. Machines have a six month warranty.


  • Computer Electronic Controls
  • Built-In Reserve Air Tanks for Consistent Operating Pressures
  • We Offer Two Nail Grinds; Soft and Medium Hardwood
  • Fast, Easy Nail Position Setup
  • 10 Position Machines
  • Very Fast 1.5 Second Cycle for 5 Nails in Each Corner
  • Fast Reload of Nails with Pneumatic Loading Cylinder
  • Accommodates 6 Nail Height Sizes; 3mm, 5mm, 7mm, 10mm, 12mm, 15mm
  • Adjusts for Profiles 3/8″ – 6″ Wide 1/4″ to 5″ High
  • Six Month Warranty
  • CE Compliant

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